Easy to use, Responsive features, Secure Data Trasmission
Menu and Nav Bar, GUI, Server Base, Grid Rpt, PDF Report Generation


 Budget file can be uploaded

Accounting State

All the Transaction can be Fed

Commit mgt

Commitment and Liabilities

Asset Mgt

Asset Purchase, Disposal, Reports


Treasury Functions


Deposits, Advance, Assets, Lease, Revenue Etc

What the system do?

CIGAS System

CIGAS System is used by the Government Ministries and Departments for Accounting Purpose

The new functionalities are being accommodated with the system. Recently the commitment and liability management is embeded with the system and it can be uploaded by this web site.
The encrypted file is enabling to send the data from the sub office to mid office, mid office to head office and head office to Treasury.
The Asset Management module is enabling to manage and keep the asset record in the system and it will be maintained in the accounts ledgers. The Board of survey report can be generated by this system.